wu xing


Over the last two years LNG’s Atlanta events have followed a structured approach to Nei Gong, encouraging improvement in physical flexibility to help practitioners engage with aspects of their energetic system. As ability improves, predictable attributes which we associate with “connection” to the components of the energetic system – heart, lungs, etc., become easier to tap into.

Five Element Theory is a Daoist paradigm which explains how the Jing – Qi – Shen proposition more fully explains creation and the physical world. With the help of written notes which we encourage students to assimilate in advance, over this weekend (Date?) Steve Galloway will introduce Five Element theory, and how we use arts like Nei Gong to test the propositions set out in Five Element Theory.

The objective of the weekend is to continue LNG’s emphasis for improved physical flexibility and an understanding through the use of Wu Xing and other practices how theory can be tested with direct experience. This is a fundamental aspect of Daoist practice.

This event builds on previous work in Atlanta and although progress is dependent on individuals’ continuing development with their Nei Gong process, the event is open to all. Notes will be provided in advance to attendees using the usual Evernote platform to help students understand the concepts we will be working with.

Cost: $210

When: November 5 & 6, 2016

Where: Studio 87 Yoga & Tai Chi

             87 South Peachtree Street

             Norcross, GA 30071