Chen Style 18­ Movement Form Posture List


  1. Opening Move
  2. Pounding The Mortar
  3. Lazily Tying One's Coat
  4. Sealing Six Avenues of Attack and Closing Four Sides
  5. Single Whip
  6. White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  7. Moving Diagonally/Diagonal Posture
  8. Embrace The Knees
  9. Step Forwards/Stepping to Both Sides
  10. Hidden Hand Punch
  11. Pat the Horse High/High Pat the Horse
  12. Left Heel kick
  13. Fair Lady Working the Shuttle/Jade Maiden Works the Shuttle
  14. Cloud Hands
  15. Turn and Lotus Kick/Crescent Kick
  16. Cannon Head­On/Double Cannon Fist
  17. Pounding The Mortar
  18. Closing