Nei Gong Workshop with Steve Galloway February 10-11, 2018 Atlanta, GA

Practitioners awaken the energy body though the lower dantian through a combination of body alignment, controlled breathing and intent. By aligning structure to enable efficient flow of Earth qi to the Lower Dantien, the dantien enhances qi circulation through our energy body.

Recent classes have focused on lower body alignment and breathing in static postures. Over the weekend on February 10 - 11, Steve will work with upper body alignments and considerations required in Wuji and in dynamics to manage qi flow within the body and also beyond structure using features from the Dragon Dao Yin.

Location: Harmony Place Spiritual Center/The Big Blue Barn, 1035 Green Street, Roswell, GA 30075

Cost: $210

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Nei Gong Level 1 with Steve Galloway

When: Saturday & Sunday, May 21 & 22, 2016 9 am - 5 pm

Where: Studio 87 Yoga & Tai Chi

             87 S. Peachtree Street

             Norcross, GA 30071

Questions: Contact Cindy Ashcraft at cashcraft@foundationtaiji.com

Cost: $210

Over two days, in May 2016, LNG's Steve Galloway will consolidate exercises assimilated so far in the Atlanta syllabus program with application of internal techniques to introduce and or develop the Nei Gong process. Nei Gong is a process rather than an application. Practitioners use Qigong as an application to help practitioners connect to their energetic body. By developing the physical aspects of Qigong exercises, practitioners turn their attention to internalized practices to understand how to lead qi.

The May 21st - 22nd event will examine existing material in greater detail, introduce the concept of 5 Elements within the context of Daoist creation theory, and expand on material contained in Damo Mitchell's two books, The Four Dragons and Heavenly Streams.

The event is open to newcomers and in keeping with LNG Atlanta's syllabus program, will be accompanied by an online notebook featuring supporting written material and suggested reading.

Lotus Nei Gong Hunyuan Qigong Course with Steve Galloway


When: Saturday & Sunday, February 6 & 7, 2016  9 am - 5 pm

Where: Studio 87 Yoga & Tai Chi

               87 S. Peachtree Street

              Norcross, GA 30071

Cost: $210

Over two days students will be introduced to Hunyuan, or "Mixed Circles" Qigong as well as the Drunken Dragon Dao Yin. The course is suitable for existing students in this ongoing program of LNG's syllabus courses in Atlanta, and it is suitable for newcomers or returning students wanting to review previous elements of the syllabus covered so far.

Mixed Circles

This exercise system goes deep into the congenital energetic pathways of the eight extraordinary meridians. The Hunyuan training system helps practitioners manage channels normally too deep within the body to work with through more conventional Qi Gong systems. The quality of the movements combined with specific intention begins to activate a series of automatic internal rotations which are required in order to awaken the deeper elements of the Jing Luo system.

Dao Yin

During the weekend students will also work with "Drunken" Dragon, one of a set of four Dragon Dao Yins which work on opening joints and mobilizing the spine to a far greater degree. Movement is combined with controlled intention and breath work to help in the purging process.

Course details

Saturday 6th February 2016 (9am – 5pm)

Sunday 7th February 2016 (9am – 5pm)

The cost of the course is $210


Studio 87 Yoga & Tai Chi

87 S. Peachtree Street

Norcross, GA 30071


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If you have any questions, please email Cindy at: cashcraft@foundationtaiji.com