Nei Gong Workshop - Wu Xing Qigong December 9-10, 2017

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As students work through the LNG's Nei Gong syllabus, improving physical dexterity and flexibility help practitioners connect with their energetics. In turn, students compare experience that they increasingly recognize as predictable attributes established in 5 Element Theory. Attributes might be emotional such as the extrovert symptoms dictated by Fire, and so on.

During the workshop, Steve will lead students through Wu Xing, one of LNG's core syllabus exercises sets. This exercise set is suitable for newcomers, and the set is often revisited at this point in the syllabus program to help returning students who have worked through the syllabus for two years to marry their increasing sensitivity with the propositions established in 5 Element Theory.

For returning students, necessary information about 5 Element Theory is already established in your course notebooks. For newcomers, a course notebook is available suitable to support your stage of training.

***LNG - April 2018***

For those students who have reserved places on LNG's course with Damo in Toronto in April 2018 please bear in mind that part of the purpose of Damo's visit is to establish the progress of the syllabus program as a whole in Canada/USA, and also individuals' progress. If you are planning on attending the April event, but have not regularly supported the syllabus events, or you have paid your deposit on the basis that you intend to complete events in December and January/February 2018 in Canada or the US, content during this weekend will be customized with April's event in mind.

Full registraton - $210