Nei Gong Course with Steve Galloway August 2016

Over the weekend of August 27- 28, students will explore the dynamics of Five Element Theory.

Within the context of San Bao, or the Three Treasures, LNG relies on Five Element Theory to theoretically underpin the Neigong process. In this paradigm, theory posits that the physical world is seeded by consciousness in a single point of light which fragments in the spectrum into vibrational frequencies which in turn seed energetic and consequently physical existential states.  

We attach to the physical realm through touch, sight, and other senses readily however our ability to connect to energetic and consciousness states diminishes.

In practical terms, San Bao and Five Element Theory implies that by reversing the process of creation, by "returning to origin", practitioners experience or sensitize to energetic, and consequentially, consciousness realms.

"Five Elements" is more than an intellectual proposition. Through application of co-ordinated Qigong and Neigong, practitioners learn to attach, or sensitize, to physical attributes which predictably map to energetic frequencies. We are already the sum total of the product of these attributes, and through the use of Neigong practice we can learn to sensitize to the individual energetic states that Five Element Theory predicts.

Although theory is borne out by practice, the rate at which practitioners sensitize or progress is not predictable. Regular practice improves our ability to connect, and often our own haze of concentration obscures us from the subtleties of that which we are already connected to.


Through printed notes and a program of exercises over this weekend, the course is designed to help students unify theoretical considerations with practice.

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