Nei Gong Foundations course with Steve Galloway May 16-17, 2015

Course price is $190

“Zhuji” is a term used by alchemists to describe preparatory neidan stages purposed with replenishing original essence, original breath, and original spirit for use in later stages of the alchemical process. The principle is in keeping with Sanbao, or the Three Treasures paradigm covered in February.

Lotus Nei Gong's(LNG) May 16th – May 17th weekend similarly continues the February 2015 weekend which concentrated on basic physical conditioning in preparation for our developing nei gong program in Atlanta. In addition, Zom(Steve) will cover the remaining exercises in LNG’s Ji Ben Qigong set on a physical level.

While this course is a continuation from the February course, it is not a requirement to have attended the February course in order to attend this course.

Course details

Dates: Saturday May 16 & Sunday May 17

Cost: $190


Brenau University Student Union

220 Sorority Circle

Gainesville, GA 30504

Each day runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a break for lunch.

Please note our facility manager limits attendance to 25. Also, LNG is distributing detailed course notes to attendees in advance of the weekend. To enable you to get the most from your weekend and avoid disappointment should we meet our attendance limit we encourage timely subscription.