Nei Gong Foundations Course with Steve Galloway

Course price is $190

Lotus Nei Gong(LNG) senior instructor Steve Galloway returns to Atlanta in February 2015 for a two day long event dealing with the foundation stages of Daoist energetic practices.

On Feb 7th-8th, Steve will work with Ji Ben Qi Gong, a principle component in LNG's nei gong syllabus. You can see a demostration of the 8 exercise set here. Over two days, Steve will also discuss the role nei gong plays in the Daoist energetic arts.

This is a Nei Gong Foundations course. Progress in the energetic arts is helped by improving physical fitness. By lengthening muscles and tendons, practitioners can loosen joints to help flush stagnation and improve energetic flow for the nei gong process. To this end there will be an emphasis on physical stretching.

The course is the first in a sustained program of courses that LNG is running in Atlanta. LNG's nei gong syllabus is already being taught in the UK, Scandinavia, and France. LNG is teaching its Qi Gong Certificate program in the United States, however that course is aimed at teachers, whereas our program in Atlanta is ideal for students who want to develop their skills without having to undertake teacher training.

Concepts for this course are covered generally in "Daoist Nei gong - Philosophical Art of Change", written by LNG's Damo Mitchell and published by Singing Dragon.

Course details

Cost: $190


Brenau University Student Union

220 Sorority Circle

Gainesville, GA 30501

Each day runs from 9:00am - 5:00pm with a short break for lunch.